Zendikar is a plane where the land lives, has a pulse, and has a temper. This is a beautiful plane, but it was cursed by the mana eating trio, the Eldrazi. They saw the land was rich in mana. These Eldrazi caused many problems for the Zendikari for a long time, until three planeswalkers (An unknown lithomancer (Nahiri), an ancient vampiric lord and a very wise dragon) Trapped them using stone hedrons. Nahiri agreed to stay watch, while Sorin and Ugin left to deal with their own planes. The demon Ob Nixilis was also trapped on the plane. Through a complicated plan using Nissa's racism and anger towards sorin as well as other factors, Nicol Bolas released the Eldrazi, Which took a little help from Ob Nixilis. Four planeswalkers banded together to form the Gatewatch to try to defeat the Eldrazi, and after a year, they succeeded, but also the plane was in bad condition, leaving the team to clean up. But one Eldrazi was still on the loose...

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